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Hairdresser therapy!

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

If you've got a regular hairdressers then a trip for your cut and blow dry feels like therapy! OK the early morning appointment on a Saturday seems harder to get up for than a weekday school run but once you're there and filling up with a hazelnut latte it all becomes your bubble of bliss! First you get that shampoo and condition with a cheeky head massage and if you're anything like me, you sink into that chair like you sink into bed at night. Then onto the main show..... This is where the magic begins. The conversation between a client and their stylist is key. Not only does a great stylist do magical things with our hair but they have this incredible way of relaxing you, into a state of bliss. In this state of bliss, the conversation just flows.

Have you ever felt like you've told your hairdresser more than you tell your friends?

When we relax, we open up and we off load.

Food for thought: When we find ourselves in a state we do not want to be in, maybe we can bring ourselves back to that relaxed feeling, back to that bit of bliss and back to that helpful state."

Imagine you could change the way you felt by simply bringing back that bit of bliss.

Wouldn't that be more helpful? Wouldn't that serve YOU better?

When we can remember these times that served us well and made us feel good, we can always change our mood.

Techniques in NLP such as anchoring are a great way to teach us how to do exactly that. Instead of having an unhelpful association with a certain person or situation, we use anchoring to change that association to our blissful one. So you've off loaded and your trip is coming to an end. As you look in the mirror and admire you're new "do" you get another rush of satisfaction. "I'm pwetty!" Then off you go with a bounce in your step and a smile to match.

Like how else do you walk down the road after you've just got your hair done?!

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